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2012-03-27 12:01:21 by ADreamyHead

i love digital art but more than that i love Flash comics,stories and novels
sad that not many people are fond of them all they are interested in are Dress up games(considering to girls) or racing game (considering to guys)...anyway...
i am very much fond of them because i am fond of stories, it gives you new experience blah blah blah......
and i make flash stories too i am not best but i would like to them with you all ~
now about my other interests..
and dreaming....i daydream..........all the time ._.


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2012-03-27 18:19:05

"racing game (considering to guys)"
LOLWTF? Not all guys and girls like racing games and dress up games. I'm a big fan of beat em up and art games.

ADreamyHead responds:

LOL it was just an example :D